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What is FuzzCoin?

FuzzCoin allows people to share their spare computing power for the use of good: Fuzzing (automatic bug finding). Borrowed from BitCoin, FuzzCoin incorporates the Proof-of-Work concept to fuzzing; enabling people to collaboratively mine bugs. See the list of our fuzz-mining-pools. You can contribute to these projects by running our fuzzing-client: (1) Linux-Docker based (require linux environment), (2) Web-Browser based (1-click instant start with WASM. convinient to join, but you don't get to access discovered bugs). The fuzzing-client will automatically perform the bug mining, generate Proof-of-Work, and upload it to our server every 5~10 minuets. In WASM-fuzzer, you can actually mutate a testcase on your own (like solving a puzzle game). As a result, your account on this website gets some game points (depending on your computation power) for contribution ranking. Today's biggest miner in this perspective is Google's ClusterFuzz (equipped with 25,000 cores). However, as BitCoin demonstrated, no single machine can beat the computing power of massive public collaboration. Gather your spare computers and join our fuzzing pool now! Let's beat Google's computing power together!

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